1861 Street Index - Staffordshire


Those of you who have done ancestral research will know that the reading of handwriting on old documents can be something of a challenge; the 1861 census is no different. There are many pages that are extremely difficult to read and the handwriting leaves a lot to be desired and with over 16000 entries I would be surprised if I had not made a few errors.

I have endeavoured to interpret the street names as correctly as possible but where I have some doubt as regards the spelling I have put a .?. after. Bear in mind however that it can be easy to mistake an .i. for an .e. or an .a. so Hill could be Hall. When looking for a particular street, bear this in mind and look for alternatives. There are times when the spelling of a particular word cannot be made out so I have used a * to indicate the missing letter/s.

Where canal boats are concerned very often there is a folio number but no page number. The piece 1998 only has canal boats on it.

I have quoted the Piece. Folio and Page numbers together with the Parish, town/village/hamlet and ecclesiastical districts where enumerated. The Folio and Page number are for the start of a street and of other instances of the street throughout the piece.

The index also has parishes of Derbyshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire. Details of these can be found here.

If you can provide any corrections please contact me at david@heydon.org

I make no warranty whatsoever as to the accuracy or completeness of the data contained in these records.